Morphine iv to po conversion

Morphine iv to po conversion

The Conversion Ratio From Intravenous Hydromorphone to Oral

6.14.2018 | Sophia Campbell

CONTEXT: The lack of knowledge of the accurate conversion ratio (CR) between intravenous (IV) and oral hydromorphone and opioid rotation ratio (ORR) between IV hydromorphone and oral morphine equivalent daily dose (MEDD) may lead to poorly controlled pain or overdosing in cancer inpatients.

2017 American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc.

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National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD, 20894 USA.

A total of 4745 consecutive inpatient palliative care consults during 2010-14 were reviewed for conversions from IV hydromorphone to oral hydromorphone, morphine or oxycodone. Patient characteristics, symptoms, and opioid doses were determined in patients successfully discharged on oral opioids without readmission within one week.

Common IV - PO conversions & some dosing Flashcards Quizlet

11.19.2018 | Morgan Boolman
Morphine iv to po conversion

Linezolid IV:PO. 1:1 600 mg IV = 600 mg PO. lorazepam IV:PO. 1:1 1 mg IV = 1 mg PO. metoclopramide IV:PO. 1:1 10mg IV = 10 mg PO. metoprolol IV:PO. 1:2.5 10 mg IV q6h = 50 mg PO BID. metronidazole IV:PO. 1:1 500 mg IV =500 mg PO. morphine IV:PO. 1:3-4. morphine IM/SC = PO (dose conversion). 10 mg IM/SC.

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Drug Equivalency to 1 mg IV morphine Conversion factor

7.15.2018 | Tyler Benson
Morphine iv to po conversion

Equivalency to 1 mg IV morphine. Conversion factor. Hydromorphone IV. 0.15mg. 6.7. Fentanyl IV. 10 mCg. 0.1. Oxycodone PO. 2mg. 0.5. Hydrocodone PO. 3mg. 0.3. Ketorolac IV. 2.5mg. 0.4. Table 1: Equianalgesic opioid conversions: Amount of drug administered to patient multiplied by the conversion factor equals the.

The conversion ratio from intravenous (IV) hydromorphone to oral

5.13.2018 | Morgan Boolman
Morphine iv to po conversion

Background: Inpatients with cancer frequently undergo conversions from IV to PO hydromorphone (HM) or opioid rotation (OR) from IV HM to another PO opioid prior to discharge. Currently used conversion ratios (CR) between IV and PO HM range from 2-5 and opioid rotation ratios (ORR) between IV HM and oral morphine.

Analgesics Opioid Equivalents

4.12.2018 | Jose Jacobson
Morphine iv to po conversion

[5 mg SC/IM/IV; 10 mg PO]: Info: conversion equivalents for acute, opioid-naive pts only. [3.75 mg SC/IM/IV; 7.5 mg PO]: Info: conversion equivalents for pts on <90 mg/day chronic PO morphine equivalents. [1.875 mg SC/IM/IV; 3.75 mg PO]: Info: conversion equivalents for pts on 90-299 mg/day chronic PO morphine.